(Abridged English edition)

Wednesday 5th April 2006


Hi to all!

Lots of interesting material in this edition of the Stavanger Guide Newsletter
starting with the following:

1). Getting to Stavanger

Getting to Stavanger - Colour version Getting to Stavanger - Black & White version

A simple but effective Transport Map/Graphic that can be utilized for a
variety of purposes.

Can be downloaded in full size here


Next we have:

2). New in Stavanger

New in Stavanger 1 -  Location 5857.60N, 544.17E New in Stavanger 2 -  City Centre New in Stavanger 3 -  Surrounding Areas

A simple but effective set of maps & images of the Stavanger Region.
Designed specifically for first time visitors to the area.

Can be downloaded in full size here

Following on with:

3). To & From Stavanger

Inter-active To & From Stavanger Map

Launched for the first time in March of 2005, here is the updated
and revised edition of our To & From Stavanger inter-active map
with links for all the various routes & airlines. The map has exceeded
all expectation with over 500 daily users.

Access here

Next is:

4). Stavanger Search Engine

Stavanger's very own search engine is now available and
can be influenced by you. Help others to find interesting
web sites and information about the Stavanger Region by
participating with your input and recommendations.

Search and influence here
Get HTML code here

And finally:

5). Google Video

The Stavanger Region in a Nutshell

The world's first open online video marketplace, where you can search for and watch
an ever-growing collection of videos, documentaries & personal productions.
Do you have any video footage of the Stavanger Region that potential visitors to the
region may find interesting? Let's really put Stavanger on the video map of the world!

See video footage here
Sign up here

Well, that's all for this time!

I hope that you may find some of the above tips & material useful,
I will end as always by wishing you success in your endeavors.

Any comments or advice are always made welcome.

Kevin Paul Scarrott
Freelance Cartographer
Stavanger, Norway

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